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Boutique M&A Firm

Smarter Mergers is a boutique M&A firm that has experience selling companies with annual revenues between $1 Million to $20 Million in selected industries. Our focus and experience allow you to have the expertise you need and access to potential buyers that are acquiring companies in these industries. 

We have M&A Advisors in our network who can meet with you a provide you with a no-cost confidential consultation. We’ll evaluate your company and tell you if we think we are the right fit to sell your company. We don’t charge any fees unless we successfully sell your business, so we only take assignments where we are confident that we can succeed. We only represent sellers, so we’ll work in your best interest. 

Our focus is on selling your company for the highest price and getting you the rewards, you deserve. We have provided many clients with our boutique M&A Advisory services to their full satisfaction. So, if your company is too small for the services of a large investment bank like Goldman Sachs, we can provide you the attention that your firm deserves with M&A Advisory services throughout the M&A process. 

M&A Industry Experience

We have extensive network of M&A Professionals with expertise in many industries. Smarter Mergers offers you the best qualities of a Boutique M&A firm and a Business Brokerage. Having completed many M&A deals, we have relationships with private equity firms and strategic buyers. We’ll provide you with financial services from a senior-level M&A Advisor. Contact us to see if we are the right boutique M&A Advisors to sell your business. 

Advantages of a Boutique M&A Firm

  • Specialized knowledge of your Industry 
  • Buyers within your industry and related industries 
  • No Fee until your company is sold 
  • We may ask for expenses for better marketing  
  • M&A Services from Senior M&A Advisors 
  • The attention you won’t find at large investment banks 

About Us

SMARTER MERGERS is a Boutique mergers and acquisitions firm in the Mid-Atlantic region. We work with, and for, business owners who want to sell their business, providing the highest level of service and attention. This starts with a discussion about what you, the owner, want to achieve. We then work with you to develop a clear plan and implement it when you are ready. This may involve developing a strategic plan to strengthen and increase the value of your venture. 

Using unique proprietary marketing methods, the latest technologies, and our contact database and affiliations, we can expose your opportunity to the broadest possible target market while ensuring complete confidentiality. 

Our fee structure is in line with what other intermediaries charge and, in some instances, less. You only get one opportunity to sell your business – having trusted professionals at Smarter Mergers on your side helps ensure you achieve your desired outcome.

Our core values and Beliefs

We offer a service that requires the handling of personal and commercially sensitive information. Trustworthiness and confidentiality are maintained at all times. We work for and on behalf of clients and treat them the same way that we would expect to be treated.


  • We do everything in our power to maintain confidentiality at all stages. 
  • We never release any confidential information about our client company unless they permit and sanction it. 
  • No specific information about a client is given to a buyer until a fully executed “Non-Disclosure Agreement” is in place. 


  • We conduct business ethically at all times 
  • We adhere to the ethical rules and guiding principles of the licensing bodies and associations we belong to DRE, CABB, IBBA and M&A Source 


  • Our aim is to establish a trusting transparent partnership with every client we work with and every service we provide. 
  • We will only work with businesses and clients with whom we believe a trusting relationship can be established 

About Rashad Khan, CEO

An Imperial College London MBA. An experienced Entrepreneur & trusted Advisor with over thirty years of industry experience in the US, Europe, and the Middle East. He has worked with world-class firms including PWC, Beaumont Health, DTE Energy, P&G Gillette, Kellogg’s Keebler, SAP, Exxon, HP Compaq, Shell Oil, and BP among others. His experience ranges from Consulting, Project & IT Management, Finance, and M&A to Business Development.

He serves multiple US firms in advisory roles and has developed an extensive network of trusted professionals and firms to draw in resources and support. Rashad has launched several business ventures successfully from inception to exit. He has an MBA from Imperial College London. He previously served as a member of Fairfax County Criminal Justice Advisory Board. Served many clients build commercial real estate portfolios in the USA, Europe and Middle East.

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Whether you are looking for a boutique M&A firm in the US or beyond, our M&A Advisors can meet with you and go over the details of how to sell your companyWe have potential buyers throughout the United States interested in acquiring companies in the industries we focus on. 

We look forward to speaking with you and answering any questions you might have about our services. We take a collaborative approach in working with you because you are an expert in your business, and we are experts in the process of buying or selling a company, so working together, we get the best results.